Big Oil Geopolitics 602: The Visiting Players – Big Brother and the Holding Companies

Eisenhower Warned Us (Public Papers of Dwight D. Eisenhower, Michigan State University)

The Military-Industrial Complex at Fifty-Six (The

Bigger is Better (Real Clear Energy)

Bigger Wars but Smaller Profits? (Forbes / University of Chicago)

“Doomsday” is Ten-Figure Profits. Per Quarter (Bloomberg)

Payin’ the Cost to Be The Boss (Bloomberg Markets)

Out With The Old (Chatham House)

In with The New (Bloomberg)

What’s in Your Wallet? (Bloomberg)


Big Oil Geopolitics 601: The Home Court Players

Sunni and Shia

Saud Family: Not Their First Rodeo (

Saud Family: On a clear day you can see — farther than on an unclear day (Bloomberg)

Iran: As in “Persia” (

Iran: Sauce for the Gander (Bloomberg Business)

China: Just Over the Hill (wikipedia)

China: Up the Hill and Down the Hill (

China and Turkey: East Meets West (

Turkey: As in “Down Range.”  Or in “Crosshairs.”

Russia: As in “Driver’s Seat” (